“Just a quick note to share some positive progress. I had a hydrostatic weigh-in today and I’m down 35lbs! I’m almost 58 and I haven’t been this fit in years!

I also wanted to share my success in the strength cycle. In just 8 weeks…

I went from 205# up to 315# —  a 53.7% gain in the back squat.
I went from 95# up to 145# — a 52.6% gain in the overhead press.
I went from 225# up to 315# — a 40% increase in the deadlift.

All in all, I’d have to consider the strength cycle an amazing success.
Thank you for all the help and encouragement. I progressed farther than I thought I could.”

— Dale

- 7/2/18

“I have lost 15 lbs and have gone down 2 sizes. My eating habits changes slowly, but I now make very healthy choices and am always mindful about unhealthy choices (I always ask myself if it is worth derailing my path to success). I am stronger and my endurance level has gone up a great deal. I love CrossFit Anacapa. The coaches really care about the members progress. It’s great to see that they also use the same routines for their workouts so you know that their progress is built on the same tenets as the members. I like the individualized attention, the camaraderie, and the workouts that challenge us.”

— Qiuana

- 8/13/17

— Leilani

- 8/10/17

I set an ultimate weight loss goal to get down to 170lbs. Today i can officially say I’ve reached my goal and have lost 100lbs!!!! 😁🙌💪 Thank you to everyone who’s continued to support me on this journey of mine and big thanks to all my coaches for kicking my ass almost every day!