Transformational! That’s the best word I can come up with to describe my experience at CrossFit Anacapa (CFA). While I never was much of an athlete, I have been weightlifting since I was 16 (my wife and I actually met in the weight room at college) and had been a member at Gold’s Gym for the past 8 years. I had, to say the least, fallen into a routine: M-W-F lifting weights and not doing much else: little cardio, stretching, range of motion, balance work, etc. Friday’s had become “sometimes”; my motivation was flagging and I was struggling even to maintain my level of fitness, let alone make gains. I had frankly began to wonder if, as I was now over 50, there was no hope and I should just accept the inevitable. At the invitation of a friend, I attended a couple of the introductory classes in July of 2012 and then, along with my family, signed up for Elements in August. Here’s where I was at that time:

  • I weighed 258 lbs.
  • My waist size was 38″ and my pants were “snug”.
  • I was gassed running the 400 m warm up and would walk about 1/3 of an 800 m jog.
  • My Fight Gone Bad score at the end of Elements was 159, Rx.

Here’s where the Transformational part comes in. After 4 months of CrossFit four times a week, taking the SFH fish oil and Recovery drinks as prescribed and going mostly Paleo for about three months, here’s where I am now:

  • I weigh 228 lbs.
  • My waist is now a loose fitting 34″
  • I can talk while running the 400 m warm up and have no problem running the 800 m legs.
  • My flexibility, while still not great, has improved significantly and many of the aches and pains have diminished or completely gone away.
  • My Fight Gone Bad score last night was 239, Rx. That’s over a 50% improvement in four months!

As I mentioned earlier, my whole family signed up as well. This has been a great experience for us as we’ve each seen significant gains in our abilities and going to CFA has brought us closer as a family; we often are talking about the workouts or our results all throughout the week. We also now have a new group of friends that we see every time we go to CFA as everyone shares the enthusiasm and is supportive of each other. Of course, all this success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Both of you have been extremely supportive and helpful at every stage. You should take pride in the fact that the whole crew is friendly, knowledgeable and willing to instruct, listen or prod as necessary on any given day. Thank you all for this remarkable “Fountain of Youth” environment. To paraphrase Randy Newman: “We love it!” 

— Eric

- 8/14/17

“I have lost 15 lbs and have gone down 2 sizes. My eating habits changes slowly, but I now make very healthy choices and am always mindful about unhealthy choices (I always ask myself if it is worth derailing my path to success). I am stronger and my endurance level has gone up a great deal. I love CrossFit Anacapa. The coaches really care about the members progress. It’s great to see that they also use the same routines for their workouts so you know that their progress is built on the same tenets as the members. I like the individualized attention, the camaraderie, and the workouts that challenge us.”

— Qiuana

- 8/13/17

I set an ultimate weight loss goal to get down to 170lbs. Today i can officially say I’ve reached my goal nd have lost 100lbs!!!! 😁🙌💪 Thank you to everyone who’s continued to support me on this journey of mine and big thanks to all my coaches for kicking my ass almost every day!

— Leilani

- 8/10/17